The Selfless Minds project

The Selfless Minds project combines an international workshop held in Frankfurt on 5-7 October 2018 (at FIAS) and an open-access collection of papers to be published on a new open-access platform in 2019. The workshop will include both invited contributions and papers submitted via an open Call for Papers. All contributions will then be revised and extended for publication after a second round of independent peer-review. Here is the timeline of the project:

Open Access Publishing in Philosophy

After the success of the Open MIND project and the PPP project, we are taking the next step towards independent academic publishing. Papers presented at the Selfless Minds workshop will be published in an edited collection on a new open-access platform.

The platform will be dedicated to publishing high-quality edited collections and maximizing visibility. We believe that the results of academic research should be made available to the public for free, especially if this research has already been supported by public funding.

Commercial publishers provide a crucial service to the academic community, but they also make sure they maximize their profits. In practice, this means that many scientific books are exorbitantly expensive and subscription fees for scientific journals, as well as fees for open-access publications, are excessively high. Big academic institutions in industrialized countries can afford to cover such costs and fees, but for many scholars this means that a lot scientific works are inaccessible and options for publishing their own work in open access formats are limited.

Open MIND and PPP have proven that publishing high-quality works is possible without commercial publishers. In the Selfless Minds project, open source software will provide the technical tools needed to streamline the publication process. After the workshop, all papers will be revised and submitted to the new platform, and will then be reviewed by external referees. The platform will help to manage submissions and correspondences with the authors and reviewers. Finally, it will provide free access to all accepted papers. In this way, the Selfless Minds project aims to combine high-quality publications, including a rigorous peer-review process, with maximum availability.